We’ve got some great news for you! McCormick & Company just announced that they decided to produce mostly organic products. This is one of the largest spice companies in the world, and they decided to make this surprising move in order to protect its place even more.

In addition, over 70% of all McCormick branded herbs, spices, and extracts in the USA will be labeled Non-GMO in 2016. Also, the company is planning to introduce a new Non-GMO vanilla extract and numerous other organic spices and flavorings.

About 80% of McCormick’s spices and herbs will become organic!

“Our consumers are increasingly interested in quality flavors with pure ingredients in their food. Our effort to increase our Organic and Non-GMO products proves that we are listening to consumers and are committed to continuing to evolve”, said Lawrence Kurzius, McCormick’s President & Chief Operating Officer